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September 24th @ 1:00PM ET


Free Stream Restoration Webinar by the Swamp School

This free webinar will introduce you to the Swamp School's newest workshop series that is designed to inform you on the latest stream assessment and design practices used in the field today. It is a State of the Science workshop that combines online learning with hands on field experiences all from the comfort of your home or office. 

New Stream Restoration Certification

Part 1 - Stream


Learn the geomorphic aspects of stream functions. This is an introductory level course and does not require any prerequisites to attend.

Part 3 - Stream


This workshop focuses on the biological features of the stream that are often overlooked in many other stream assessment techniques.

Part 2 - Stream Site Assessment Techniques

You will be studying a local stream, collecting data and running the calculations to describe the hydro-geomorphic features of your stream.

The certificate series is divided into five parts that build upon each other.

Part 4 - Stream


You will have an opportunity to use what you have learned in the first three parts to develop a sustainable natural channel design for your stream. 

Part 5 - Stream


we will discuss the all-important aspects of how to maintain the stream restoration project over time. Targeted monitoring of key indicator features is an integral part of a  stream restoration project. 






Speaker and Instructor

Marc Seelinger

Marc is the founder and one of the many highly trained instructors at the Swamp School. 

Tim G.

"The instructor was great and made the class interesting and fun. He asked us what else we’d like to learn and focus on when we had a rain day and made it very educational.

WDT CR Nashville, TN"

Myrna G.

"I am completely new to wetland delineation, so I learned a lot in this class. It was a wealth of information, and I am very grateful to the Swamp School for teaching me so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to turn my career in a new direction."


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